Augustan and Late Republican Coins


As coined by Tiberius in memory of his adoptive father Augustus (22-30 AD). Mint Rome.


Three Republican denarii in circulation during the Augustan period: by magistrati P Crepusius C. Limetanus e L. Censorinus (82 a. C.) B. 3, Cr 360/1b (a), by L. Marcius Philippus (113-112 a. C.) (b), by Pub. Crepusius (82 a. C.) B. 1, Cr 361/1b. (c)


Denarius of Sextus Pompeius (Cr 511 / 3a), which is also in circulation with the denarii Republicans.


Denario legionario coined by Marco Antonio (Cr. 544/37).


As of Sextus Pompeius and As of L. Calpurnius Bibulus (28 BC) fragmented to obtain two semissi or a lightweight board.


The three major currencies in orichalcum, bronze and copper coined by Augustus: sestertius (a), as (b), quadrans