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A few points to define what is Domus Romana "House of the Child on Dolphin" and what are our targets:

The Archaeological Site was unearthed in 2012 in the center of Lucca. It presents walls and remains of over 2000 years ago.

The Superintendence of Archaeological Heritage of Tuscany, who directed the excavations, has officially recognized the remains as a witness of extraordinary importance, nodal for the historical reconstruction of the city.

A rare example of recovery, a museum, development, management of archaeological remains on a purely private initiative, without any government grant.

For its uniqueness is indicated as an example of scientific and socio-political world.

Multipurpose center where History and Science come together.

Multidisciplinary center for information, education and training.

Proposed as case of Study at public authorities, organizations of public and private research.

It conducts public benefit activities with charitable purposes.

It widened the cultural offer for the entire area.

It promotes the area and its history in the international arena.

Open to the public every day of the year.

Free admission to every order of school.

Welcomes interns for specialized training.

Welcomes day visitors, fans and students from all around the world.

Hosts and organizes conferences, seminars, museum exhibitions and cultural events.

Training projects with international schools.

Offers innovative educational models and educational workshops featured by national and foreign schools.

Creates new job opportunities.

Has established collaboration agreements with major institutions and operators engaged in social and educational activities in the territory, such as: Institute for Conservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage of Florence, University 'La Sapienza' in Rome, Bicocca in Milan, Fondazione Campus Lucca, public and private schools, Museums and Archaeological Sites, Province and Chamber of Commerce of Lucca, Tuscany Region.

The archaeological remains in 2015 have been recognized heritage of the State, pursuant to art. 91 of D.L.42 / 2004.

The Chamber of Commerce of Lucca in 2013 has awarded the Gold Medal and Diploma of Honour.

Selected by the Pan-European Federation 'Europa Nostra' for the award of the prestigious European Prize Awards 2015, among the top 30 institutions who have distinguished themselves in the work of conservation and development of culture in Europe.

The city of Lucca indicates Domus among the most important points of socio-artistic interest of the city.

Archeological Site

Discover the history of ancient Rome and tradition of Lucca across more than 2000 years of history.


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  • Arch. Simona Velardi

  • Dott. Giuseppe Bulleri

Genesis of Domus

Mission of Bulleri family: let the history grow

With centuries of experience in the production and improvement of plant species, the Bulleri family did not create a new variety of Amaryllis or Pansy. But it did “sprout" from the basement of an historic building in the center of Lucca, in the archaeological remains of a Roman House dating back to the first century B.C.
The history of the Bulleri family started a long time ago. At the end of the 800’s, the founder and botanical expert, Francesco Bulleri, left his native Livorno and moved to the most fertile Campania Felix, the agricultural land Pompeian sarnese, where there were ideal conditions to realize his greatest passion… “the genetic improvement for seed production.
Il germe della storia - Francesco Bulleri Il germe della storia - Famiglia Bulleri Il germe della storia - Famiglia Bulleri Il germe della storia - Famiglia Bulleri Il germe della storia - Giuseppe Bulleri Il germe della storia - Giuseppe Bulleri e Luca Zaia.
Pioneer brightly lit, among the first in Italy to apply scientific methodology in the field for the selection of flower seeds, with its hybrids and cultivars, “Selected" quickly won the esteem of the most important customers within and outside Europe including the Gardens of the Vatican, King of Bulgaria, King Fuad of Egypt and several major American companies.
In 1906, the Queen Mother, Margherita of Savoy, honored this plant with patent n.201 as the official supplier of the Royal House.
The fertile furrow traced by its founder and the passion and commitment of his three successors, has been the lifeblood of the Bulleri family which gained widespread approval and official recognitions around the world.
Today Giuseppe Bulleri (download curriculum Vitae of Giuseppe Bulleri), fourth generation, is involved in the study of agricultural and environmental issues for the protection of traditional agricultural species. Giuseppe Bulleri, an agronomist who obtained his professional training in the management of the family’s company and dealing with businesses, prepared and submitted five projects to the Ministry of Agriculture to obtain trademark protection. For these activities, the European Community has obtained a first DOP mark and in 2010, Giuseppe Bulleri received congratulations from Minister Zaia during the International Fair in Berlin.
Mr. Bulleri researches in the field of archaeobotany for reproduction of seeds of the cultivars in the gardens of ancient Pompeii. He worked as a Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Florence and consultant to the Ministries of Agriculture and Environment. Over the past decade, Giuseppe Bulleri has promoted the internationalization of Italian companies in Argentina on behalf of the Territorial Pact. In 2009, he had the position of Chairman of Examination Committee at the National Technological University of Baya Blanca (Argentina).
Additionally, he is the author of several essays on topics related to rural history and typical traditional.
As a member of the Board of Directors of Opera delle Mura in Lucca, where he lives, Mr. Bulleri was the promoter and coordinator of the first edition of Murabilia, an international exhibition of amateur plants.
With the aim of creating a center for culture of rural traditions, in 2010 he began a complex restructuring of the basement of the building Orsucci in Lucca.
During the construction work, the remains of the Domus Romana, “House of the Child on the Dolphin was discovered.
According to the opinion of the Archaeological Superintendent of Florence, these findings are an important part of the reconstruction of the history of the city.
The discovery of the Domus Romana brought to light a new, prestigious and extraordinary “felix campus". A “campus felix unicus" lush with antiquities, where the Bulleri family, following its own tradition, will continue the exciting and secular work “Cultivate History".